Saturday, June 05, 2004

Tell Me...What is the Truth? Yours...or Mine?

It's so easy to think the very best of ourselves, isn't it? We meet someone new, share a few moments of chatter, go our separate ways...and we're left believing that we have impressed that person. In our minds, we recount the stories that we shared, the impression that we tried to make, and typically consider ourselves successful.

At least, we hope. To think otherwise would be...exhausting.

So if someone shared an observation with you, about you...and it was decidedly adverse to your way of thinking about would you react? Would you Zing! into orbit and attack the observer? Would you stomp your feet and insist that It Just Isn't So? Would you imply the observer is lowly, out of touch, unaware of your full life's value?

Or would you allow the observation to seep into your mind, and openly assess the thought that you so adamantly disagree with? Could you find it within yourself to consider another person's critical opinion?

Experience suggests that most people stomp, fly into orbit, and publicly disregard the observation that they don't want to hear. But minor actions indicate that you really did listen after all...that you really do know the Truth, even though you'll never, ever admit it.

Because the Truth puts you at risk. You know it, deep down. So you decide to erase the evidence. Delete the time stamp, per se.

It is in these quiet transactions that the Truth is finally revealed. And we all learn that despite our differences in opinions about our selves, the Truth is the Truth. Whether we choose to accept it...or not.