Monday, July 26, 2004

Climbing Out Of My Skin.

My father has no idea that my mom is refusing to return home to live with him.

My friend's sister is addicted to prescription meds. She works as a caretaker for an elderly woman in Los Angeles...and last week, she slipped this poor woman some of her meds (in her warm milk).  Why?  So she could take off for a few hours to go to Disneyland. My friend was wise enough to withhold all names and exact locations.

It occurred to me today that I have managed every aspect in my life...except my weight. Now, why's that?

It is my sincere belief that my family loves my husband more then they love me.

I just found out that my boss is pregnant...and I hurt so deeply inside. Why can't I be normal and get pregnant and be excited about it like everyone else? 

Argh. I more I think, the more agitated I become. I've gotta go.