Thursday, July 22, 2004


Isn't that a beautiful name, Ruby?

Well, I can tell you that she was a wonderful person. Very sweet, a loyal listener who called me every Tuesday night for over 2 years. She always requested the same song, Sentimental Journey by Dinah Shore.

Ruby didn't call a couple of weeks ago, and I was concerned. I called her home and learned that she was in the hospital. I jumped in the car and drove directly to Los Gatos, and there we met in the CCU...for the very first time.

The nurses made me put on latex gloves, I don't know why and I didn't ask. It didn't matter. Ruby was sitting up and she had beautiful, curly white hair.  We talked for just a little while, I didn't want to impose. She called me as soon as she was out of the hospital to tell me that she was OK. 

I didn't hear from her Tuesday night, and I meant to call her yesterday to check in. But I have been swamped at work plus getting ready for my family who came to town tonight.

Today, Ruby passed away.  And I am sad down to my bone marrow. I so badly wanted to get to know her better, spend time with her drinking tea, chatting about her family.

I waited too long.

Sometimes it's hard to remember...that Tomorrow is promised to no one.