Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jo Mama-isms.

My family has called my mother "Jo Mama" ever since my nieces were 4 years old. They also made up the name "Papa Louie" for my dad.

Jo Mama has a keen vocabulary that is interspersed with some very strange words:

"Jill, turn your winky on." (As in the left hand turn signal on the car)

"Isn't' that ol' Boobie-Hatch?" (As in What's His Name?)

"Hand me the flipper." (As in the tv remote control)

"I left it in the Hoopie." (As in car)

"Sorry about that - it's because of my buckeroos." (As is big front teeth)

Sad thing, I use these words myself. And I often get some very strange looks.