Wednesday, September 08, 2004

KO'd in the First Round.

Another manager in my company is responsible for getting our product installed at customer sites. Because there have been some hitches in the system, resulting in many of our sales not becoming serviced...and because being able to offer Immediate Service boosts our sales results dramatically...I've been working on developing a team of independent contractors to complete the work directly for us. At first, I took charge and made all of the arrangements myself. It was communicated to me that this was not PC, that I needed to follow the Chain of Command and work in partnership with my fellow managers who actually run that portion of the business.

So, this morning, I sat down with said manager to tell him about a group of independent contractors that notified us and expressed an interested in being part of this new sales program. I was ready to launch them...but wanted to talk to him first. I was Following the Rules to the tee.

Said manager walked out of my office and then talked to the leader of the independent contractors. He made a separate arrangement for them to work strictly for his group...thereby completely cutting my department out of the deal.

Nice. I just love being hit by a Left Hook outta nowhere. By a person who is looking me dead center in the eye and talking about the merits of partnership.