Monday, September 27, 2004

Progress Report

Polarity Massage
massage technique developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in Austria during the early 20th century to help release energy in the client's body. This massage treatment is designed to balance the body's energy through touch, stretching exercises, diet, and improved mental/emotional attitude.

I've always joked with friends that I was going to have a Polarity Massage. This is something my friends in Marin do, and I consider it to be slightly "woo-woo." As I understand it, the therapist doesn't actually touch you, he/she merely massages the energy that's hovering above and around your body. So, no. I haven't actually had one...but I certainly feel as though I did.

Of course, this feeling of Peace with the World could be because Dad's physician's report arrived, he was approved to move into his new apartment, his furniture was delivered on Sunday, and he is happy in his new home. Phase I is complete. Phase II is moving my mom into her new place sometime this week. Phase III is tenting & fumigating their house and garage (we are terrified of the Brown Recluse spider) . Phase IV is cleaning the house and moving the furniture into a storage unit. And Phase V is selling the house.

But enough about all of that. It's time for bed.