Sunday, September 12, 2004

Today's State of Mind.

I am powerless to change another person. I only have the power to change myself.

In a year's time, I'd like to live somewhere else...perhaps Denver. So I might as well thoroughly enjoy where I am right now.

I need to push forward with the adoption despite my worries. I don't want two little babies who go to day care. Moving to another area will solve all of that. Enough said.

I begin working with a nutritionist tomorrow. Weight loss can be as difficult or as easy as I choose to make it.

I have requested a shift change at work to help me deal with my exhaustion plus allow me to workout in the morning. I hope to hear a definitive answer from my director this week.

It's time to book the vacation and time off. I've been edgy with my staff, and that's never good.

Is it likely/possible for a 41 year old woman to keel over from a heart attack?

Food no longer comforts me. It makes me feel as though I am starting to decay.

It's never really all that hard for me to do the right thing. My battle is that I'd like worldly credit for doing such. Which is ridiculous, when you think about it.

I have been told that I am self-centered for my entire life. By my family. So, does that make it true?

I must continue to pray to be certain that I am on the right path.