Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I'm not sure that this is a real word, but it describes a colleague to a tee. Whenever I see her, she makes these insane comments about how much she is accomplishing. These are the types of statements that come out of her mouth...

"Hey, I saved the company $4 million dollars last week. That's going to look good on the performance evaluation."

"The Senior VP asked me to manage XYZ project. He knows that I get the job done."

"I found an investment partner and we're bidding on 3 different homes in Los Gatos, each one over $1,000,000. I'll be a millionaire within 6 months."

Blah, blah, blah, blah blaaaahhhh.

We used to be friends. We'd actually talk about her two kids, her husband, her life outside of the company. Now, it's all about money, promotion, exposure and The Terrific Things that only she can do. I literally feel my bone marrow draining out of my body whenever I spend time with her. It zaps the energy right out of me. The world revolves around her Big Happenings.

So here I sit tonight, wondering if anyone perceives me this way. I love to talk about eBay and shopping. Get me started on color and fabrics and I'll talk for an hour. I know exactly how much I have earned annually for the last 15 years - and many of my goals in life are tied to materials things or personal accomplishments.

I worry that I am superficial. But I am repelled by someone who is braggadocious and subscribes to blatant self-promotion.

So, I'm timid and she's aggressive. Yet at the core, there isn't much difference is there. We're fundamentally the same...aren't we?