Saturday, October 09, 2004

Foul Play.

My computer has been operating very inefficiently over the last several days. Finally, on Thursday, I could no longer manipulate my mouse. I got connected to the Dell Support team and learned about spyware. After installing PestPatrol, I discovered 83 vermin attached and draining the life's blood out of my system. The good news? I'm back and able to blog. The bad news? I naively thought my Netgear firewall was going to save me from all of this.

In other news, my Dad is a die-hard Cal Alum. Today, we are going over to his new place to watch the Cal vs USC game. We're talking Togo's sandwiches and lots of munchies - and my dad is giddy with excitement. It's his first "social event" in his new apartment.

Perhaps during halftime, he can explain to me exactly why he announced this morning that my mom is on depression medication and seeing a psychiatrist.

To. Her. New. Neighbors...The. Entire. Lunchroom. Crowd.