Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It was a Good Day.

Work doesn't start until 10am on Wednesdays, which means I get to sleep in. The wind was blowing and it's been raining ferociously. Which makes being inside feel downright cozy. I love-love-love waking up and being able to Stay Put for about an hour, while I contemplate the day, kiss Baxter's whisker-cheeks, and watch the birds on the feeder just outside the window. I was ho-hoed nicely inside my comforter and feeling happily at peace.

The HR Director treated me to a dim sum lunch, and I didn't splash a single drop of soy sauce on my shirt.

All I ate for dinner was a frozen banana.

I received my climbing spiders and they are awesome! Can't wait to put them up the side of the house.

I have the promise of a foot rub from my husband. Now that's a great way to end the day.