Sunday, February 20, 2005

My Ability to Blog is...Clogged.

We have been so busy running from crisis to crisis, I have lost the ability to reflect. I have no interest in learning anything right now. Too much intensity and drama is hitting me in torrents, and I don't have the capacity to take anything else "in."

Mom is still in the hospital and her hemoglobin keeps falling. Which means she may require more transfusions and surgery to find the new source of internal bleeding.

Bax has an advanced URI, which is highly contagious in cats. Which means the other 5 felines in this household will require antibiotics and a vet bill of $100+. Each.

My deceased sister's business is being run by my older sister Denise. The suppliers recently refused to fulfill the orders because they were notified of my sister's passing. We are up to our necks in paperwork to nominate Denise as the executor.

Denise and I realized this week that we need to talk to my parents about giving us power of attorney for their finances. We need to sell the house, sell the cars/belongings...actions that require our ability to sign the paperwork. Who knows when all of this can actually be done - we also must do the same with Ann's condo and belongings. And with mom in the hospital and certainly requiring rehab when she finally is released...

Oy vey. It's only 8:30am in the morning and I am exhausted.