Friday, February 04, 2005

One of the Reasons I Like Being a Manager

Today, I officially thanked my 3 supervisors for covering all aspects of our department business while I was out for 2+ weeks on bereavement.

I invited them out to lunch and blocked 3 hours on the calendar.

First, I drove toward the restaurant...but veered off into the opposite direction at the last minute, citing heavy traffic. I stopped the car in front of Nordstrom...where I promptly gave each of them a $100 gift card for an immediate shopping spree. The looks on their faces are etched forever in my mind...they were utterly surprised. Kelly actually squealed. They walked into the store together, and then I saw them split into separate directions and almost run to their desired department. When they were done, they each walked out of the store swinging their bag with delight.

Then, we went here and dined on Chicken Parmesan sandwiches. We laughed, we talked about our Super Bowl plans, and we caught up on the personal details that have been cast aside because of the heavy work schedule.

It was a fabulous afternoon.