Sunday, February 13, 2005

We just returned from the hospital after spending 9 hours there with my mom. She woke up this morning and discovered that her right leg had turned black. She was bleeding internally, and we couldn't identify the source.

After many tests and several hours, we learned that she isn't supposed to be on a medication called coumadin for more than 6 months (it's been 1+ year). This drug is a blood thinner and protects the patient from blood clots.

Mom's blood is so thin from taking the meds for so long, she was listed as "Critical." The ER staff didn't mention why no one brought this up during mom's multiple visits in October and November. Nor could they imagine why the prescribing physician didn't place an expiration date on the prescription - so it couldn't be refilled.

My mom is in the hospital tonight and receiving her first unit of blood about now. She initially screamed, "No transfusion. I'm in San Francisco...I don't want aids." (This was an extremely awkward moment.) After consulting with my sister Denise, mom changed her mind and agreed to the transfusion(s). Let's hope they work.

Yesterday, we found out that my niece Julie (who was one of my flower girls) either has a brain tumor or schizophrenia. Her parents are the ones with the meth addiction, and they don't have any health insurance or money for a cat scan. I am scrambling to talk to Julie's doctor to see if there is a way for us to cover the cost. The test needs to happen Pronto. I'm worried about her prognosis.

I'm tired. I'm sad. I'm overwhelmed by these issues that keep pounding my family. I am thisclose to lighting candles, smoking ground bat wings and shaking a rubber chicken over my head.