Sunday, March 13, 2005

Eight Should Be Enough.

Yes, it's true. We already have 6 cats cohabitating in this house with us, and it's a pretty rare occurance for me to sit in a room all by myself. Invariably, there is a cat perched overhead on the top of an armoire or hunkered down in the middle of the sofa...allowing no leg extension on my part. We've got cat food conveniently located in 3 areas of the house, because my brood has competitive eating disorder, just like their mother. One would think that this would be Enough.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture in the Land of Nod catalog. Suddenly, 6 cats were not enough, because I fancy the ones with multi-colored stripes and polka dots. If we're able to relocate to Denver this summer, we'll begin the adoption process again. And my little folks will each have one of these for their very own.

Because the other 6 are taken. I'm not sharing.

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