Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Husband and I met with a real estate guy tonight to talk about the market conditions and how much he thought the house might bring if it was sold. He talked about his marketing efforts and pursuit of buyers. He discussed his lower-than-average commission rate. And he showed us comps of other homes that have sold recently.

We ended up signing the papers to work with him, although the contract includes a clause that allows us to refuse any offer without penalty of owing him or anyone a commission.

We're not even sure if we are going to move. Husband and I sat in the living room and stared at each other after the meeting. We were both filled with fear.

Fear of leaving the known. Fear of facing the unknown. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of not taking action when we should.

We love this house and have put our hearts and souls into decorating it. But it's small with only 1.5 bathrooms. And adding on would cost more money than we have. Moving to a bigger home in the Bay Area is not an option...the prices have outpaced us.

Denver isn't cheap, but it is cheaper. Theoretically, this move makes sense. I won't have to work as hard and we'll be able to adopt our babies. The house will be big enough for all four of us, and they won't have to go into day care.

Soon, we'll decide whether or not to pull the pack up our half dozen cats...and traipse across half the continent to live in the snow. In pursuit of a better lifestyle and more time to enjoy the things that matter the most in life.




Yes...All of the Above.