Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mid-Production Photo

The Foo Dog continues to evolve. Husband is pretty much done carving and will start to paint tomorrow. It is absolutely amazing to me that my husband can carve foam into something so intriguing and beautiful.

Husband has been exceedingly gentle and caring this week. He holds me in his arms as I sob, assuring me that mom is in a better place. Most often he cries with me, because he loved her too. They were a comedy team...bantering comments back and forth...and (as always) I was the odd man out or the one they picked on. It was all good natured and it bonded them together.

Husband went into the room to see mom right after she passed away. He tells me that she was beautiful and peaceful. He has the eye of an artist and of a loving son-in-law...and I trust him in this.

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