Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yesterday was our 2-week anniversary of living in our new home. We are 90% unpacked but only about 80% settled. This isn't a bad thing...we are just completely astonished over our new house, friendly neighbors and gorgeous weather.

Despite the record-breaking heatwave in Denver, the days have been tolerable because there is no humidity. The nights bring gentle, summer breezes unlike any that I have ever felt before. They are warm yet comfortable, and when we sit on the grass in our backyard to watch the sun set, we hear kids laughing and playing in their backyards. Later at night, we'll lie on our backs and look at the stars, trying to absorb the stillness around us.

It takes time to learn how to de-stress and adopt a less frenetic lifestyle. But we're on the road. We are estactic and overwhelmed and still unbelieving.

This is the best thing we have ever done.