Thursday, August 11, 2005


Every bicyclist wears a helmet...but motorcyclists don't.

Restaurants have Smoking Sections. (yuck)

Bread can sit in the pantry for two weeks without growing mold.

Complete strangers wave to me from their cars when they pass my house.

There isn't a Trader Joes anywhere in the state. (sob)

Thousands of drivers have cracked windshields just like me.

I don't have to defend myself when people learn that I am a Christian.

The Denver Post doesn't carry For Better or Worse. (sob)

None of my neighbors has a house cleaner or a gardener.

Service in stores and restaurants is 300% superior to that in California.

Not only are the people here more fit...they are vibrant and friendly.

Southern Colorado just had an earthquake...what's up with that? I thought I traded those in for tornados.