Saturday, August 20, 2005

Petty Party

Husband returned home on Thursday after spending three weeks in the Bay Area to complete several jobs. I was so excited to see him, I cried and turned into a barnacle...I just couldn't let go when we hugged.
  • I know that he drove 24 hours straight without stopping for rest.
  • I know that he only got two hours of sleep on each shift before he had to switch with his dad and take over the driving.
  • I know that he worked 14 hour days for 3 weeks so he could get the jobs done and come home.
  • I know that he's cranky because he's tired.

He didn't get watery-eyed when he first saw me. He didn't say anything about my weight loss, bronzed skin, new hairdo...nothing. And we weren't able to get overly affectionate because his parents were here.

What is wrong with guys? If a woman is going to bust her yams to look good/better, a little encouragement would go a LONG way. Granted, I am no beauty, but on Wednesday, a parking valet (complete stranger) told me that I was beautiful...and no, he wasn't driving my car so he didn't expect a bigger tip.

I know. Husband was tired. I'm being petty.

Now that I am rested, I've been able to spend more quality time on relationships and I am hoping that my husband can do the same.