Monday, August 01, 2005


Part of my healing process involves various treatments to either enhance some unsightly trait or help me get back in tune with my physical body. The weight gain and the grieving have caused me to be uber-aware of my emotions and incredibly numb to my physical being.

I spent a few hours at a spa this morning for the first of several planned treatments. Laser hair removal on the upper lip. (Can you say Groucho Marx?) Plus this:

The Wild Rose Warm Rose Oil Massage. We create a special environment for this uniquely nurturing treatment, which helps to open the heart to compassion, love and joy. A wonderful treatment that has benefits for extreme stress or recovery from loss. A memorable spa ritual and extraordinary gift.

After lounging in the relaxation room and enjoying a complimentary foot bath, I was escorted to my massage room. The lights were dimmed and gorgeous rose petals were strewn across the fleece blanket on the table and across the floor. It was an unexpected surprise. The massage was fabulous and lasted 90 minutes. Hot towels were placed on my back and all of the kinks in my trapezius (aka Chicken Wings) were obliterated.

I was absolutely Spacey when I walked out.

The experience reminded me of when I traveled to London and saw Harrods for the very first time. The pinnacle was when we were downstairs in the charcuterie enjoying our first good cup of coffee in Europe. Without warning, a parade of Scottish bagpipes toured the tiled room, and the music was hauntingly beautiful. I remember feeling chills down my spine and doing my best to mentally bookmark the moment. The beauty and character of the Harrods building and its contents were overwhelming, and I remember thinking that I would be willing to sell my house to live in Harrods. Yes, I wanted to live in a department store.

Today, I felt such comfort and peace...I began to imagine myself living in the spa. I didn't want to leave. I then realized that I would have to become careful not to become addicted to the treatments. My budget doesn't include massages and facials and I do want to be able to take a full year off work.

Nonetheless, I am going back later this week for an all-over body bronze and an accupunture treatment. Hopefully, I won't emerge looking like a piece of orange peel.