Friday, October 14, 2005

Colorado residential architecture is extremely different from that in California.

There are lots of two-story archways for the entry. Kitchens and family rooms are three times the size. Houses have huge (1500 square feet ++) basements - a totally new phenomenon for us. (I love to run the distance with my arms flapping wildly and just feel the space.) And the master bedrooms don't have doors leading into the master bathroom.

Husband has been getting up at 4:30am every day for work. He likes to get to the shop by 6:30am and beat the traffic that is fairly thick going into Denver. So every morning, I get to watch him jump into the shower from my vantage point in bed.

What is it about watching a guy get ready in the morning? I remember sitting in the bathroom when I was a kid and watching my dad shave. Then, he'd walk over to his standing, wooden valet and put on his trousers and shirt. I'd watch him comb his hair and brush his teeth, and for as long as I can remember, Dad used powdered toothpaste that he mixed with water in his hand.
Husband's routine includes a sonicare and a zip-zip of his electric shaver over his Brutis Beard, then he ducks into the closet and throws on some clothes. Every. Single. Morning. he steps out of the closet and his jeans are tucked into his socks hary-cary. (It's an especially bad look when the socks are tan.) I'll say something like, "You've got that bicycle messenger look again!" He bobs his head and pulls out the cuffs, smiling at me the entire time.

I think about how lucky I am to be with a man who isn't arrogant and narcissistic. My guy is a sweet loving, jovial man who doesn't take much of anything too seriously.

Last night Husband told me that this is the happiest he has ever been in his life...that he was meant to move here. He loves his work, he is earning more than he earned in the Bay Area and he respects the people he works with.

It's so nice to see someone jump out of bed, excited to take on the day, and say outloud..."Today is a great day to get up and go get 'em!"

I am so thankful to have him and this enveloping sense of peace in my life.