Monday, October 10, 2005

On a recent road trip to Vail, I saw the gorgeous changing colors of the Colorado Rockies. The town was quaint and it reminded me of Bern, Switzerland. My friend and I strolled along the storefronts, disappointed that our choices were limited to fur, jewelry, tee shirts and ski wear. The only antique store that we spotted was closed. So we focused all of our attention on the trees. Stunning shades of gold and green really popped against the true-blue sky.

Currently, it's 2:30 am on Monday morning and I can't sleep. I'm too excited. I knew it was going to snow and I had to get up and take a look. It's a Winter Wonderland first since we moved to Colorado. I am relishing this first time experience because I know that one day, this will start to feel old. I hope it doesn't happen too soon. I love this feeling of newness and fascination with the stark beauty of our community blanketed in white. I love feeling so warm and cozy and safe inside.

Insomnia be damned! I feel like kid who's going to Disneyland in the morning.