Thursday, December 08, 2005

I will never, ever, ever take the sunrise for granted here. It's different and dynamic every single day. My neighbors must think I'm a geek for running outside into the cold (typically wearing my jammies under a black, full-length coat) around and then finally standing on the bark because it isn't frozen like the concrete...every morning around 6:30am. Sometimes, the entire sky is enveloped in a pink glow and I'll just stand outside with my mouth hanging wide open. We never saw beauty like this in California. It's so much cleaner, fresher and...big here in Colorado.

The sky seems to go on forever.

When I was growing up, the only way that I could fall asleep at night was to imagine myself flying through the air on a magic carpet. I would drift asleep feeling the weightlessness of freedom, air blowing through my hair...leaving everything and everyone in my real life behind. Away I floated into a beautiful blue, white and pink sky.

I swear, when I see a sky like the one above, I ache inside to be able to make curly cues and graceful dips. To feel the wind caress my cheeks and forehead...gliding and swooping and feeling the rush of the descent only to lift back up in a huge arc. To be at one with peace and eternity...surrounded by air and sunshine and warmth and no heaviness...pure grace and fluidity.

Just me and the wind...Waltzing.