Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

The new couches arrived today, and each cat had to "initiate" one by A) Sitting on it for more than 2 hours; B) Sniffing every square inch; and C) Cleaning themselves on it - which is also known as "playing the cello."

This is Boss on one of the new couches. He always has an ethereal glow about him, and at night when we're all tucked into bed, he actually sparks when I pet him because he's full of electricity from the dried-up carpet.

The Zero Humidity issue is one of the biggest adjustments that we've had to make after moving to Colorado. They are small annoyances though, nothing outrageous like big bugs or tornados. My brown sugar turns into a brick overnight if I don't seal the bag. Never had to do that in the Bay Area. The piano went complete haywire-out-of-tune because of the change in humidity. Apparently, one is not supposed to transport a piano to an area with such a disparate humidity rate - it's really, really bad for the piano and it "might not recover."

One month ago I told my husband that I'd like to turn our piano into a player piano for my Christmas gift. I thought it might be $500 bucks to do the conversion. Oh no, I was way off. The cost is more than $6,000. That was a major No Go.

I was bemused by Katie Couric's demand for a seven year contract worth $20 million per year. Don't the network executives know that we as a public really don't care about the individual all that much? That they could hire someone to replace her for a fraction of the cost...and we'd be AOK? Sometimes I really do believe that the world has gone mad. Just think about how all of this drives the economy: Celebrities earn outrageous amounts of money, causing the networks to charge more for advertising causing businesses to charge more for their products causing people to have to work more or have dual incomes. I'm not saying that celebrity salaries are the cause of our inflation, but consider the impact times 100 more examples, like Athlete salaries, CEO bonuses, etc. It just seems to keep the point where a morning television host wants a contract worth $140 million. Gimme a break.

The weather has dipped down to -10 degrees. What's up with that?!

I am meeting with a jewelry store owner tomorrow to present my jewelry. I'm so afraid of being rejected I can't see straight.

That's all for now in my benign, little world. I can't help but feel that everything is perfect just the way it is...and all that I need at this very moment.