Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things to Remember from this Holiday Season

  • The airplane zig-zagging down the runway in 40-knot winds.
  • Popping three Dramamine and thinking that I was going to die.
  • Standing in line at the bakery for a Christmas Kringle. For 45 minutes. At 8am. In the misty fog.
  • Watching my giddy niece get ready for a date.
  • Chatting with our best friends and East-coast family on Christmas morning.
  • Homemade, vegetable lasagna with bechamel sauce and crusty sourdough bread.
  • Dad laughing outloud because I bought him a book on Neo-Conservatism.
  • Sobbing in the movie theater while watching The Family Stone.
  • Hoarding the muscle relaxants.
  • Husband shopping on Christmas Eve for 2 hours.
  • Noshing on Crab Louie at Duke's overlooking the Pacific ocean.
  • Wrapping my sister's new I-Mac G5 (for my brother-in-law.)
  • Unwrapping my 2006 Yiddish phrase a day calendar.
  • Brother-in-law agreeing to consider carrying my jewelry on his clothing line label in Hawaii.
  • Barbequed steak and salmon with baked potatoes and salad.
  • Spooning Husband in the tiny, double bed.
  • Explaining the real reason why I chose not to go to Christmas dinner with the clan.
  • A $200.00 check from Dad...which was spent on the Coldwater Creek 50% off sale.
  • Husband wearing his Denver Bronco suede jacket with pride at the airport.
  • Listening to the happy cries of our cats when we walked through the door.
  • Gobbling down swiss-mushroom burgers and sleeping in our own bed.

    Ahhh, yes. Gut yontev.