Saturday, June 10, 2006

Statistic Don't Lie, Dammit.

So shake off the hopelessness and keep moving forward. You will succeed. You will earn more. And you will be able to support your kids. Now is not the time to throw in the towel. Do whatever it takes to get that degree.

Average earnings of Teachers employed in Texas in 2003-2004: $40,494
Not to mention the health and retirement benefits.

Getting your degree is the single, most powerful predictor of elevating yourself into a higher income bracket. Of course you have to go out there, get the job, and perform the work responsibly. Of course it's going to be hard work. But you will be able to kiss those $8.00/hour jobs goodbye...forever.

Income, Income Tied to Education:

Using 2000 data, the U.S. Census Bureau projects earnings based on educational attainment to be as follows:

Not high school graduate: $18,900 annually, $1.0 million worklife*
High school graduate: $25,900 annually, $1.2 million worklife*
Bachelor’s degree: $45,400 annually, $2.1 million worklife*
Master’s degree: $54,500 annually, $2.5 million worklife*
Doctoral degree: $81,400 annually, $3.4 million worklife*

The difference between having a high school diploma or having a college degree is huge. But in your case, you will end-up earning about 3 times your current income.

Seriously. Get off the Mopey Track and feel good about how you are improving your life Do not quit and keep reminding yourself that you're doing all of this hard work so you and your kids will have an easier and better life in the very near future.