Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Your son is nothing short of a miracle. He's going to grow up to be a very special person."

This comment was from our PT after I read the baby's NICU report that detailed his birth, resuscitation and subsequent health hurdles during his eighty-five day stay.

Double zero Apgars at three and five minutes gave her deep concern.

"Most of the babies I see with those stats and health issues are spastic quads. Now he's just about to start walking. He's an amazing little guy."

I had conveniently forgotten about the baby's auspicious beginnings until today. It's easy to forget about some of the early issues and warning signals when the baby in front of you is growing everyday and thriving. So here I am, sitting on the precipice of abject worry again. And I keep wondering, should I do more?

We see our pediatrician next week and I am (once again) preparing my list of questions. And I am praying. And I'm loving that little baby with all my might.