Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Husband left the dog with our neighbor in his backyard tonight.

"Don't worry! I'll watch him. He's okay being over here with us!"

So Husband went inside the house to put the baby to bed before retrieving the dog. In the meantime, our neighbor sat in his backyard and watched as our dog squeezed through the gate and disappeared into the wild blue yonder.

My canine-boy was gone for more than 2 hours. He finally came back home just before 10pm - when it was pitch-dark outside and the coyotes were starting to troll the back fields.

I sat in a stone cold panic for the entire time that he was gone. Losing him right now would just be too much. And I was extremely aggravated that our neighbor:

1) Didn't alert us to the fact that our dog had run away.
2) Didn't offer to help find our dog.
3) Simply went inside his house and turned off the outside lights as we walked the neighborhood.
4) Never apologized for any of the above.

I am extremely grateful that the dog found his way back. But seriously now, what is wrong with people? Why didn't our neighbor at least call us to let us know that our dog escaped? It's like all of these stories coming out in the news about people witnessing others getting hurt and doing nothing about it.

Husband and I must be the Schmoe's of the Universe, because there is no way in hell that I would let my neighbor's dog run away after I had reassured them that I would watch over him. And if he somehow did slip away, you can bet your last Andrew Jackson that I Would Not Rest until I had found him and brought him home.

Isn't that the right thing to do?!