Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Rant

Husband is really ticked at me. But here's the beauty of the situation: I am free to make my own choice.

I am not voting for John McCain, and I'm not voting for Obama. And frankly, I no longer give a shit.

I typically don't mind compromising on some of my ideals but neither of these candidates satisfy what I think is necessary for this country to get back onto the road of improvement.

If I offend you with the following list, I apologize. I have gone out of my way to not get political even once here on this blog, but I am so fed-up with the massive, crazy media madness going on right now that I can no longer contain myself.

Who Is Jill and Why Is She So Angry?
I am Pro Choice.
I am anti-Late Term abortion.
I am pro stem cell research.
I am pro NRA.
I am anti-semi automatic anything.
I support gay rights.
I am iffy on gay marriage. Can't succinctly explain why.
I am against the war.
I am pro-occupation until we repair the damage done.
I am a Christian.
I believe that other religions are completely valid.
I am pro oil drilling and pro nuclear power plant building.
I believe in $$ caps on executives, celebrities & athletes.
I believe in private schooling and home schooling.
I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance.
I believe in feeling pride in my country.
I believe people who have prospered here should feel the same.
I would have voted for Hillary.
I am anti-Bill Clinton.
I believe journalism in America has degraded itself beyond repair.
I believe people are looking for an easy answer.

I'm always puzzled by people who idealistically dedicate their souls in support of any candidate. I don't think it matters who we elect to become our next president. It's almost become a stupid popularity contest just like Homecoming in high school. Ultimately, the person who wins will make millions of dollars - - - as will his cohorts. Will any of this trickle down to me? No. This person will then go on to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars as a speaker at the end of his term. Will I benefit from any of this? No.

Both candidates promise to Fix Everything. I was thinking that Obama was possibly the better choice because he's new and fresh and different. Then I read this and was
particularily disheartened.

I think this is what finally did me in. I imagine there is similar information out there about John McCain, but I don't have anything readily available to reference.

I'd like to believe, I really would. But people are Human and the Washington DC machine forces one to sell-out or look the other way so they can become powerful and successful. And this machine is bigger than any one person, the president included. I think it's warped and wrong and motored by personal greed.

I'm sick of it all.

And if anyone says the words "Main Street America" or "Maverick" to me one more time, I swear, my head is going to spin right off my body.

BO: Please do not tell me that you're in touch with Main Street. Neither is your high fallutin' wife.

JM: There is no benefit in being a Maverick if you're the only one and can't get things done.

JB: I have always been very impressed with you and wish you were the one running.

SP: I like your gusto and admire your ability to give a good speech the first time out of the shoot. I don't share your values and dislike that winking thing.

HC: The Republicans and the Democrats did you wrong. I would have voted for you.

BC: I hate people who lie under oath.

JE: It is unconscionable to me that you could 1) cheat on your terminally sick wife and 2) allegedly hide your love child's existence while in the White House if you had won the nomination.

GWB: You lost me at Katrina.

OJ: I'm glad you're finally going to jail. You should have been found guilty a long time ago.

Madonna: Using your concerts to spout your political agenda and now to bash your husband publicly is despicable.

Michael Moore: I like you.

Rudy: I like you too. Why didn't you work harder and smarter at getting the nomination? You're a Can-Do Guy.

I want this election to be over. I want to get back to some sense of normalcy without all of the accusations and negativity. I want my retirement accounts to recoup their 50%+ losses. And I want to find a job that I enjoy.

I'm done.
Stick a fork in me.

PS The reason Husband is so ticked at me is because I refuse to vote. We are both at peace over the fact that we disagree on most political issues. And please don't send me any email over the fact that I am pro-Choice. It doesn't mean that it is the choice that I would make. It means that I believe every woman should have the freedom to make her own decision. I also think homosexuality is biological and that prostitution should be legalized. And no, I don't partake in those either. I just think people have Free Will and should be allowed to make their own choices. I believe in God and that each of us will have to answer for our choices. I am not here to be the judge or control other people's behaviors. Except, well, my son's. Until he's an adult.