Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have an exciting day today. I am going to watch the inaguration and then go to Toys R Us to buy my son some higher level pretend play items. We saw this one at a friend's house yesterday and he loved it. I am also taking a boatload of old clothing to Goodwill and donating books to the library.

I'd rather be working. But I suppose that will come soon enough and then I'll look back at this time wistfully and wish I was still a SAHM.

Hooray for today! It's a big one for our nation. Even Husband admitted this morning that America made the right choice - that Obama is who we need in the White House to get people excited and allow the anger to melt away. I have to give him credit, that Husband of mine. He's come a long way.

Time to take on the day.