Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Steps

I spent three weeks entirely shut down. I didn't open the mail or answer phone calls, I binged on chocolate and crackers and did very little housework.

Husband has devoted himself to cleaning up the basement. He's not worried at all.

Finally, something kicked in and I got back on track. I stopped shoving food down my throat and started cleaning. I tackled the boxes that have been downstairs for more than 3 years. I gave away all of my old clothing. I organized the pantry. I listed stuff on ebay. I cleaned all of our inside doors and baseboards with Clorox. I canceled unnecessary items like magazine subscriptions, Weight Watchers online and a 1500 minute cell phone plan.

My head is in a better place and our lives are much more organized. I know that I can't control the job situation, but I can control things like what I put in my mouth and how I manage my surroundings.

It feels good to clean some of this stuff up and get it off my mind.