Friday, March 13, 2009

Dare to Dream

I interviewed for a position yesterday that I have decided to not pursue. It's in a dying industry at a company that is well-known for it's lack of commitment to its employees. I didn't even care for the person I met (which is very rare). She stated 3 times that SHE was the one who should have been promoted to VP. Instead, that new person scuttled her off to a different, less-profitable division. She was still very angry.

Today, I received a call from a company that I applied to about 2 months ago. I am so excited, my hair is standing on end. I have a call out to a former colleague to get me up to speed on the industry, and I've scheduled a mock interview with a job coach. I learned a lot from my meeting yesterday. I am rusty, dusty and slow...and need some help jump-starting my inner engines.

If the job is the one posted on the company web site, I will be in for a tough ride. But I don't care. I want to work. I want to manage sales people again. I want to earn an income. And I want a chance to learn to balance my life effectively this time.

I think I can do it.