Friday, June 04, 2004

Three Cheers for the wonders of technology.

My company runs an extensive background and drug screen check on all final candidates prior to their start date. All offers are contingent until the person successfully passes these checks. In the last month, this is what we encountered with some of the individuals who I thought would be stellar sales folk:

1. "Brandon" isn't who he says he is. His social security number, name, address, and schooling are all false. When the research company called him to discuss their findings, he replied, "Oh, hold on for just a minute and I'll get you my OTHER social security number."

2. "Tony" is the contractor I've worked with for 2 years who I was going to hire...until he told me that he is a Felon, having been accused of rape about 4 years ago. This is about the closest I've come to being punched in the stomach.

3. "Fred" failed on all points. Failed on the criminal background. Failed on the DMV check. Failed on the drug check.

4. "Mona" apparently had a drinking and driving problem. Just...last...month.

Over 30% of our candidates fail the background checks. It's amazing just how many people have been in jail, been convicted of drug use, and use fake identities.

Hard to remember what we did before we went high tech. Hard to accept that so many people are felons and con artists. Hard to believe that it took me so long in life to become cynical and not automatically believe that everyone else was so much better than me.