Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Snapshot in Time

The Incident with mom is all but forgotten. She's in the living room right now, napping peacefully. Strangely, there is a slight smile on her lips and I wonder what in the world she could be dreaming about.
I have placed my order from the party rental store.  In 6 days I am hosting my Dad's 80th Birthday party - with several of his friends from his days at Berkeley.  Now, I need to order the meat and see if the pianist is available to "tickle the ivories" for a couple of hours.
Tomorrow night we re-present our remodel plans, with changes, to the city council. My husband is feeling very optimistic that we'll be approved. I remain neutral until that actually happens.
I enjoyed a few moments of sheer happiness today: Waking up in my bed with my husband and cats next to me; Reading the Real Estate section in the newspaper and feeling very lucky to have our house; Daydreaming about joining the pool in town and taking our two little babies there when we return from Russia; Watching my husband plant petunia's in the flower boxes outside...they are stunningly perfect. He made a good choice.
We had a skunk in the backyard last night and I was shocked by his beauty. His tail included long wisps of pure, white hair.  I wanted to hold him on my lap and brush it.
My husband wants to visit Italy and France after our first trip to Russia. My reply..."Okay."  (I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement.)
I ordered a box of pretzel bellies for my sister Ann...who will be here Friday night. They are filled with Blackberries and have a crumbly topping.  She's been talking about them for over a week. She is flying out to Las Vegas tonight to see her beau-friend. She's been tanned, waxed, highlighted and manicured.  She's ready for a good time...and the entire family is thrilled. (She's blind and is dating a slightly older man with vision.)
Okay, time to get back to writing my radio program for the week. A little Frank Sinatra, a little Sarah's always a good time.