Friday, September 24, 2004

I Don't Understand What is Happening.

Yesterday, mom was diagnosed with cellulitis. It's a skin infection that has made her left hand swollen and bright red. It looks like a lobster claw. She's been delirious from the infection - weepy and fearful.

We tucked mom into bed around 11:00 pm tonight. At 12:30 am we were awakened by her screaming. She fell and was sobbing. We were able to get her upright and noticed that she skinned her leg. I got that bandaged and we lifted her into bed. I don't think she broke anything...other than her spirit. I kissed her on the cheek and she begged me to not leave her. I promised I wouldn't. She's afraid now that she's going to die because she fell.

As I sat here typing all of this, Dad came bumbling down the stairs. His pants had fallen down to his kness. He got tripped-up, barely rounded the corner, saw me... and became incontinent. He's drenched, but he won't let me help him.

My husband is in bed with the comforter wrapped around his head...trying to escape to a peaceful place through slumber.

I hope he is successful. I will have no such luck.