Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Two Cents

From the San Francisco Chronicle
Two Cents
On Sept. 11

"Do you plan to observe the anniversary?"

Joanne Denison, Danville
I'm buying a new flag to fly at half-staff to honor the Sept. 11 victims and the soldiers lost in the following war. Then I will go about my rich and busy day with an awareness of what a wonderful country this is even in the midst of turmoil and disagreement.

Finally, a sane response from someone in the Bay Area. We are surrounded by people who typical do not share our values or opinions. And most will use an opportunity like this to eschew Bush, the war on terrorism, Cheney, the right wing, etc, etc. We are bombarded with these messages daily from the newspapers, the local news, the residents.

So, it's refreshing to me to read a response like the one above. And I wonder, why don't more people hold that viewpoint? Why don't more people appreciate the fact that we are encircled by so much richness and convenience and beauty? We, as a nation, are so quick to jump on the Criticism Bandwagon and attack our own. Sure, we're not perfect. But should it really be such an embarrassment to so many people to fly our nation's flag? To admit that we are supremely more fortunate than 90% of the rest of the world.

To concede that on the whole, there is much for us to be proud of and appreciate?