Friday, September 10, 2004

Time, time, time. See What You've Done to Me.

On the radio last night, Michael Savage was lamblasting John Kerry for his plans to create a socialist medication network in which Americans would obtain pharmaceuticals for basically nothing. He continued to emphasize how Capitalism drives profit and competition - thereby resulting in new, scientific discoveries which we all benefit from.

It got me thinking about Capitalism and its effect on my life.

Capitalism allowed me to break out of the low-income status that I grew up in and raise my standard of living. It's provided me with the latest technological advances...computers with mind-boggling software programs - such as Excel (my favorite)...high def television (we don't own one, I've only seen it in an office)...DVDs and the ipod. It's given me exposure to a wide variety of ethnic foods...a fascinating world of interior design and artwork and textiles... convenience items that I have never lived hair dryers, washing machines, gas stoves, and car radios.

But there are many downsides to Capitalism. It promotes overwork. It discourages leisure. And what I dislike the that it lacks justice. I feel disgusted by these overpaid athletes who earn millions and millions of dollars...compared to RNs and teachers and scientists. I am galled by movie stars who earn millions and millions of dollars...and use it to sway the American people toward their own political ideals. Somehow, that feels very corrupt to me.

The sad truth about Capitalism is that it is what eventually allows us the freedom of leisure time - the pursuit of our own ideals and goals instead of what others tell us what to do. So many of us have to work ourselves into a state of tiredness and exhaustion...all toward the pursuit of taking time off.