Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Snapshot in Time.

My sister Denise made her daily, every-two-hours phone call to my other sister Ann and didn't receive an answer. Upon entering Ann's home, Denise heard heavy breathing. She found Ann face down on the floor in a deep, diabetic coma. She wasn't able to revive Ann nor could the paramedics. Ann is now in the hospital, revived but very shaken-up. Denise is home and near the breaking point. "What would have happened if she hadn't made that call?" None of us likes to ponder on the answer.

I was rear-ended Monday night by a 16 year old who was driving about 30mph. I was stopped at a red light in downtown San Jose. I have been in bed for almost 2 days now with whiplash. I can literally hear my neck sizzling. I am working very hard at focusing on the positive: The driver is covered under his mom's insurance. My car will be fully repaired. Insurance is covering my medical bills. My scheduled x-ray this afternoon will hopefully confirm all of the damage is muscular.

My 80 year old Dad is planning to ship his car up north and drive. The family has asked him to reconsider. He refuses. "The macular degeneration isn't that bad," he insists.

The general manager at mom's assisted care facility called to express her concern. My mom "appears to need psychiatric help." Meanwhile, mom has had a double-vessel nose bleed for almost 2 days.

Last week I met a gal who sleeps with earplugs....all because she saw a documentary on spiders laying eggs.

And how is YOUR week going?