Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dear Jen

You and I have never met, but I know you.

You're a good person, proud of who you are. You've raised two kids, and you've done it competently through all of the ups and downs. You are loyal and loving with your family...along with funny, creative and generous. Your career has been marked with achievement and your colleagues respect you. And most apparent to me, you're a gifted writer. Insightful, humorous, sometimes caustic, and always profound.

I sat in envy as I read all about you and your loving and supportive husband...your very own, biological kids...and a father who is respected by the community - someone who probably mentored you, exposed you to higher lessons, took you on vacations...a man you could feel proud to call your dad.

Things rolled along nicely. Until I voiced My Opinion. Something that you never requested. Something that came blasting out of me like a cannon.

I've learned alot from our interaction.
  • It's not my role to shape other peoples' lives, and I'm sorry I took that task upon myself with you.
  • Blogs are a place for people to vent and explore their own lessons as they unfold.
  • Supportive insight goes a lot farther than critical insight.
  • I never intended to sound Righteous, because God knows, there are very few perfect qualities in me.

I'm glad you found your way over to this blog. Perhaps this was Destiny for us both.

Mea Culpa and Optimus Vota. I'm glad you're well.