Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've always believed that God talks to me in many, different ways.

Through the opening of my heart when I'm in deep prayer.

Through the freshness and beauty of nature being absorbed by my mind in a way that causes me to develop a new perspective on things.

Through closed doors and open doors in my day to day existence.

A lot of doors have been closing, especially at work. And conflict is literally swirling around me. For the first time, I have issues with almost every other department head. Yes, I'm culpable in a couple of instances (i.e. I turned my expense reports in late so accounting is not pleased with me), but my actions have never been escalated the way they are right now. It occurs to me that God may be sending me a message. I'm a slow learner, I know.

But does my life really have to crumble like blue cheese before I finally get the hint?