Thursday, February 03, 2005

My hypnotist, who I will now refer to as Susan, made several recommendations for activities that I could do to begin the healing process. She had to work really hard to help me identify things that would exhilarate me.

Take walks on the beach. Spend time in the mountains...listening to the quiet murmur of the wind. Exercise in a fun way, rather than go to the gym. (We came up with lifting weights while I watch Law & Order reruns in the privacy of my family room.) Journey to Bimini or Hawaii to swim with dolphins in the ocean.

...OK, that last one really talked to me.

These programs are designed to help people heal. I've been assured that folks of all ages, shapes and sizes attend and many are there for help through a serious health problem.

So I'm researching, talking to my husband, and figuring out a way to do this.

Swim with dolphins.

That is exhilarating!