Sunday, June 05, 2005

The following entry was written last July. It was one of those rare evenings when the entire family was together and we all got along. No bickering, no hurt feelings. Just a little birthday celebration for my Dad, who was turning 80.

I had forgotten that I'd written these words until I went exploring in the Drafts section of Blogger. I'm so glad I preserved this memory, I had forgotten some of the details.

My entire family has desceneded on our little household. My sister Denise is chopping red and green bells for the salad. My sister Ann is shucking corn. My mom is at the hairdresser getting stylized. My husband is at Costco picking up the flowers and a peach pie. And I have been running around, decorating all of the tables and making my famous mushroom gravy. The pianist will be here at 5:30 - the same time we pick up the fillet mignon fillet (cooked to perfection every time), the balloons and the Starbucks party boxes filled with regular and decaf.
Tonight we party-down.