Friday, June 10, 2005

The memorial service is to be held out at sea. Denise has made the arrangements for the boat and we depart at 9am. My sister's ashes are in a water-soluable box which will be placed in the middle of a hydrangea wreath. I plan to include a sterling silver bracelet with charms of things Ann loved: Birdhouse, Bee, Telephone, Cat, Dragonfly, a dime with the year she was born...I had planned to give it to her for her birthday in February. Ann also wanted the ashes of her two cats, Madison and Murray, to be placed with her so they could spend eternity together.

My mother's ashes will be placed in the middle of a wreath bursting with spring flowers, her personal favorite. I plan to include a note that has yet to be written. Husband has been the keeper of the box with her ashes, because I can't bear to see my mother reduced to that.

I have been asked to speak during the service. Public speaking is something I've done all my life and considered to be my professional forte. But different. Somehow, I will need to put my grief aside and speak words of encouragement, hope, gratitude and thanks.

I suppose I have delayed my availablity for the memorial because it will be the very last tangible, earthly togetherness that we'll share with JoMama and Ann.