Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summertime Memories

  • Tang and Captain Crunch for breakfast...Who Yeah!
  • Playing Army in the hills behind the house and using flowering buds from the iceplant in our slingshots.
  • Skatboarding down the front driveway, consumed with the fear of not being able to stop at the curb and rolling right into a passing car.
  • Getting my first pair of roller skates with red leather straps and steel wheels.
  • Practicing figure eights on my bike in the backyard...until Dad called me into the house to watch Adam 12 or Get Smart.
  • Playing on the neighbor's Slip N' Slide and drinking grape flavored Kool-Aid.
  • Wearing a plastic wristband with rhinestone buttons that when pushed, allowed me to become invisible and fly.
  • Catching grasshoppers in the mint plants under the banana trees.
  • Spending a month practicing pull-ups on a tree branch until I could finally do 5 in a row without cheating.
  • Sitting in the sun after being drenched with baby oil.
  • Playing Marco Polo at The Islander, the neighborhood pool.
  • Making little felt outfits for my Trolls and baking Creepy Crawlers.
  • Playing ping-pong with my dad every single day.
  • Coloring with my brand-new Doodle Art colored pens.

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