Thursday, August 04, 2005


I recently met an interior designer (ID) whose design taste is an exact match with ours. She has a small shop in the area, and when I walked into it, I felt as though I had walked into my own home. Same metal birds, same Italian tiles, same pillows. "Perfect!" I thought immediately.

ID spent 2 hours at my house today helping me rearrange my furniture and place artwork. She has recommended that I move the two rugs in the living/dining rooms and replace the drab, beige carpet with a patterned carpet - as shown above. Apparently, two rugs in the same space makes it choppy and inconsistent. I actually agree with her and can't wait for Husband to Get Home to help me move everything around.

ID is also going to help me with curtains, replacing the regimented swags that currently drape the windows.

ID: You've done curtains before, so you know they're going to be expensive, right?

Jill: (gulp)

ID: I suggest we drape them from the second window from the top - which is about 15' up there, so we're talking about a lot of yardage. I'll help you select a beautiful fabric with a lower price point, but there will be a lot of fabric.

Jill: (clears throat) "OK." (weakly)

Truth be told, I am so, so excited. ID has a handle on these tall ceilings and knows how to turn a large room into a cozy room. We'll take it slowly, piece by piece, because money is an issue. And I will savor every single moment.

This is when the fun begins!