Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mulling It Over.

Moving to Denver and minimizing our mortgage obligation has given me the freedom to contemplate a new career. Several ideas have already come to mind:

Massage Therapist
Leadership Trainer
Physical Therapist
Interior Designer/Stager

I have found a school that provides a certification program for paralegals - my best route since I already have my Bachelor's degree. My only concern about this profession is the hours requirement - I really don't want to work another full-time+++ position ever again. That is also why massage therapy is so appealing. I could dictate my own hours. The only potential issue with that is...will it make me wiggy to touch complete strangers all over? I love the concept of helping people heal, and I wholeheartedly believe in massage. I am also very in tune with doing it - I intuitively know how to connect with a person. Anyone who has ever had a massage experience with a person who was not present will understand what I mean by this.

I am so excited to have options! This is Mental Freedom Supreme.