Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Lynnard Update.

I found a no-kill animal sanctuary in the area and called them to discuss the possibility of taking Lynnard. He had the nasty habit of using our closets as his personal bio-room, and I don't want the new house to smell like Cat.

The nice lady at the sanctuary assured me that Lynnard would be accepted, no questions. He would be able to run around outside with 20+ other cats., and he'd either be adopted by a suitable new owner or he'd spend the rest of his days at the sanctuary.

I decided to do more research on the place and found their website. The button "Available for Adoption" caught my eye, so I clicked on it to see how many cats were waiting for new homes. As I scrolled down the list, I started to read their stories:

Mandy: I am an adorable black cat that likes children and small dogs. I don't know why my owner abandoned me or what I did wrong. I just want to find a new home with loving parents who won't ever give me away.

Ralph: My heart is broken because my previous parents didn't want me. I don't know why. Won't you please take me into your home? I have a lot of love to give.

Teeter: My parents decided that they didn't want me anymore after 7 years together. I am loving and I purr a lot.

Need I go on? The cats told the entire story: They were abandoned, bottom line. Which is something I vowed never to do.

Soooo, we now have a litter box, food bowl and water trough in the upstairs bedroom. Also something I swore I wouldn't do...until the alternative grabbed me by the heart and squeezed real hard.