Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Risky...Not Risque.

Deep down, I have the potential to be a serious Peeping Tom.

I have always been fascinated by peoples' Private Lives. It occurred to me several years ago that I worked very closely with up to 50 people, and I had zero idea what their personal lives were like. Most especially, I want to know how they lived: How do they decorate their homes, what do they spend their discretionary income on...And the biggest one of all....What Do They Wear To Bed.

Much of this curiosity is spawned from my very own habits.

I spend a lot of time trying to look good to the outside world...but at home, in bed....well, my standards have sort of slipped down a few notches.

I'd love to be able to say that I wear Victoria's Secret to bed every night. Ppppbbblllttt.

Not. Even. Close.

I started thinking about this entry when I saw a meme asking people to list their top 5 quirky behaviours. My biggest quirk is the one that I am most embarrassed about - it's what I wear to bed every night. I have been woefully aware of the facade I project during the day when I am in public. At home, I am nothing like that. And I bet there are a lot of people just like me.

It's a duality that thoroughly intrigues me.

So much so, I've always wanted to publish a photo book of people in their environment during the day and at night. It's not the sexual aspect that appeals to's the sociology aspect...the way that we are raised and the standards by which we live when we think we are alone. I've always believed that money only has a peripheral affect. Can I afford to wear silk jammies every night? You bet. But I don't, because I Don't Want To...and I Don't Have To. In my bedroom, I am the master of my domain, and I can let it all hang out, so to speak.

So, here is my big disclosure. (I am clinging to the belief that I have remained relatively anonymous. And that you won't judge me too harshly.)

I don't wear a nightie or gown to bed.
I always.
Sleep in the shirt that I have worn for the day.
Minus the bra and without the pants.
Chonies, yes.
Socks, no.

Be it a tee shirt, a silk shirt, a flannel shirt or a sweat shirt...I just rip off my bra, drop the pants and jump straight into bed.

Now the world knows my secret.

Are you ready to share yours?