Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Rant

Patience has never been one of my virtues.

So these last few days have been extremely difficult for me. I watch the endless footage of the unraveling of New Orleans, and I want to see improvements in the help that people are getting. Like, Right Now.

Aren't we the ones who air-dropped food and water to the citizens of Afghanistan? Is my memory foggy or didn't we provide them with the necessities via air drops? (And pleeze don't respond back to me and tell me that all of our resources are overseas in an unnecessary war...we have plenty of people, planes and supplies right here.)

Where are those damned busses? Surely the surrounding states could commandeer their city busses, greyhound busses, etc. to send to New Orleans.

And where is the Leadership? People at the SuperDome and elsewhere need direction and it appears that they are not getting any. Okay, communications systems are down. But surely, someone could be there with a bullhorn to keep people informed.

What is taking so long to get people and supplies into the city? Am I supposed to be impressed with 2800 after 3 days? I'm not.

For a city that exists below sea level, surrounded by would think that they would have had a better disaster plan in place.

We have already made our donation, and there is nothing else that I can do but sit and watch these poor people try to survive. It's excrutiating. If they come to Colorado, I will be ready and able to help.

Until then, I am left wondering when the relief is going to kick in and these people will be able to get out of the war zone.