Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dear God,

I know that you don't give people more than they can handle, but please know this: I am fatigued from the pain, the incessant cramping, the bruning, the aching. I hurt from the bloating and the stabbing spasms every time I eat. I'm tired of not leaving the house. And I'm so so angry with myself that it all has broken me down to a sobbing lump of misery.

What is wrong with me and how bad is this going to be? Am I being punished for some horrible act that I don't even know that I committed? Am I cursed? What did I do??

This ongoing pain is not normal, and frankly, I need a break. I realize that people suffer far greater for longer periods of time, but I'm breaking. Barely walking and feeling despondent. This horrible prep medicine is killing me. Why do they have to make sick people feel even sicker just for a test?

I just wanted you to know that I'm tired and my mojo is dwindled from the constant, grinding hurt. I need your help, please.